New ships of SBS of Azerbaijan were floated out

by Admin | Thursday, Jan 24, 2019 | 203 views

Azerbaijan’s Tufan type (oriinaly name Saar OPV-62) border guard ship S-206 has been set afloat in the Caspian Sea.

The statement said that strengthening the service and combat capabilities of the Coast Guard of Azerbaijan’s State Border Service (SBS), which performs important tasks of ensuring border security in the Caspian Sea, organizing reliable protection of the infrastructure for the extraction and transportation of oil and gas, is important.

The new ship is equipped with modern navigation equipment and radio communications, modern weapons, including missile and anti-missile systems, night and day surveillance systems and a hydroacoustic installation.

Under sea conditions, a helicopter can land on the deck of a 62-meter long border guard ship equipped with high-speed boats and capable of carrying out service tasks in difficult conditions in the Caspian Sea. The new ship will be used when performing service tasks related to the protection of state borders, ensuring safety of the infrastructure for the extraction and transportation of hydrocarbon resources.

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