BSVT – New Technologies will present Trio air defense missile system at MILEX

The Trio air defense missile system will be showcased during the MILEX 2019 international defence exhibition.

The Trio air defense missile system will be showcased by the Belarusian company OOO BSVT – New Technologies.

System was designed due to the rapid development of compact unmanned aerial vehicles, which the current air defense systems cannot fight effectively.

The Trio system includes a mobile command station fitted with surveillance tools, the upgraded air defense short-range combat vehicle 9K35 Strela-10, the upgraded air defense self-propelled unit 3SU-23-4 Shilka, and the machine gun robot unit Berserk based on GShG-7.62 rapid-fire aircraft machine guns.

The components of the Trio system complement each other and allow effectively destroying compact aerial targets of different classes. All the units are mounted on tracked chassis in order to travel well over various kinds of terrain.


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