Iranian Navy equip to Damavand warship with VLS missile cells

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi announced that Damavand warships, which has been under overhaul for the past 18 months, is now enjoying many new features and will soon be equipped with vertical launching system (VLS) missile cells.

“This year we will celebrate Damavand destroyer joining the Northern fleet of the Navy. Currently we are working on equipping Damavand destroyer with VLS missile cells”, – Khanzadi said.

He went on recounting that over the course of the past 18 months of overhaul, the warship has been completely resuscitated with all previous edition’s bugs resolved and may new features added.

Damavand warship has been equipped with advanced radar systems with long-range radars to detect targets in long distances, the commander highlighted.

In addition to the two vessels, according to Khanzadi, also a new minesweeper which can also lay mines both on and under surface will join the fleet.

Khanzadi went on adding that the same process of overhaul and improving the features of the vessels is underway in the Northern fleet of the navy.

Damavand, a 100-meter-long warship weighing more than 1300 tons, officially joined the Navy’s northern fleet in the Caspian Sea in March 2015. Warship sunk in the Caspian Sea in January 2018 after it suffered damages during the stormy weather of Anzali Port in Northern Iran.

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