Missile strike delivered against Syrian airfield

Missile strike delivered against Syrian airfield

The T-4 military airfield in Syria’s Homs province was subjected to a massive missile strike on Monday. The SANA news agency reported citing a military source that the attack had left several military servicemen dead and wounded.
According to the source, the Syrian air defense systems shot down eight missiles while repelling the attack. There are no reports at the moment on how many missiles actually hit their targets.

According to Al-Mayadeen television, several powerful explosions could be heard near the airfield. The TV channel reported that the missiles had crossed Lebanon’s airspace while approaching the target, said TASS.

SANA’s report said that the strike against the airfield had presumably been delivered by the US Armed Forces. Meanwhile, both the White House and the Pentagon declined to confirm that the US was involved in the attack.

On Sunday, an operation was launched to evacuate militants from the Jaysh al-Islam group, their families and civilians held hostage by them from the city of Douma (a Damascus suburb).


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