Two Central Asian states interested in ALKAR mortar systems

Two Central Asian states interested in ALKAR mortar systems

Based on the order of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, testing of the AHS-120 Alkar automated mortar system produced by ASELSAN is planned in the region. According to the information obtained by the Polygon, Kazakhstan is planning to integrate Alkar mortars into 8×8 Barys armored vehicles. The Barys platform, produced by Kazakhstan’s Paramount Engineering company, was tested in Kazakhstan in 2017-2018 and was recommended for armoring.

alkar1 e1559894681577Alkar mortar system is planned to be tested on the chassis of the 4×4 Ejder-Yalchin TTZA transport facilities in Uzbekistan. Note that Ejder-Yalchin TTZA was tested in Uzbekistan in 2017 and ordered the first 25 unit party to the Nurol Makina Company.

For information it should be noted that ASELSAN demonstrated Alkar mortars for the first time in the Central Asian region at the KADEX-2018 exhibition in Astana in May 2018. According to the company officials, demands of region will be met by Kazakhstan’s Kazakhstan ASELSAN Engineering (KAE) joint venture.

ASELSAN 120 mm Mortar System, originally designed entirely by ASELSAN including sub-systems, is a modern weapon system integrated on a turret equipped with Automatic Barrel Laying System, Automatic Ammunition Loading System, Recoil Mechanism and Fire Control Systems.

Due to the modular system architecture, system can be integrated to tracked or tactical wheeled platforms as well as stationary platforms. At the same time, modular system architecture enables the integration of any kind of domestic / foreign rifled or smoothbore mortar barrel.

Recoil Mechanism, originally developed by ASELSAN engineers, reduces the force transferred to the platform during shooting. This feature increases the variety and number of platforms that system can be integrated.

Automatic Ammunition Loading System, originally developed for AHS-120, provides precise, fast and safe loading of ammunition.

Advanced Fire Control System Technology, Automatic Barrel Lying, Automatic  Ammunition Loading and Muzzle Velocity Management features enables performing the fire mission in the shortest time, achieving desired effect on target most effectively with minimum amount of ammunition and quick deployments.

While vehicle is moving, to show the position and direction information provided by the Inertial Navigation System located in AHS-120 on the Driver and Shooter Display Units provides driver to follow the planned route. Thanks to the precise position and orientation information provided by the Inertial Navigation System, the system is deployed in a very short time and ready for shooting.

While providing a mission-oriented, menu driven colored graphical user interface, system allows display of battlefield information on a digital map.


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