China unveils new Giant Lizard tracked all-terrain amphibious carrier at DSA 2024 Malaysia

China unveils new Giant Lizard tracked all-terrain amphibious carrier at DSA 2024 Malaysia

At the DSA 2024 exhibition in Malaysia, the Chinese company Zhejiang Xuanjia Defense Technology presented its latest development, the Giant Lizard tracked all-terrain amphibious carrier. This vehicle represents a significant achievement in China’s defense manufacturing, being the first domestically produced 17-ton class fully protected dual-body tracked all-terrain vehicle with complete independent intellectual property rights.

The Giant Lizard tracked all-terrain amphibious carrier, currently utilized by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and also referred to as the ‘Monitor Lizard,’ seems to be a new iteration of the Jonyang JY813, previously employed by the PLA for logistics support missions in plateau regions with altitudes higher than 5,000 meters. Therefore, the Giant Lizard features a modular framework that allows the vehicle to accommodate different operational requirements effectively across various challenging environments in China, including deserts, snowy regions, marshes, mudflats, inland waters, and more.

Similar to other vehicles like the Swedish Bv 206, the Singaporean Bronco, or the Russian DT-30 Vityaz, the Giant Lizard’s design incorporates various rear-mounted functional modules, allowing for roles such as rocket artillery deployment. The adaptability of the Giant Lizard is deemed critical by its designers, rendering it suitable for diverse operations, ranging from counter-terrorism and stability maintenance to emergency rescue missions and polar scientific research. The vehicle can also support a wide array of military tasks such as transportation, communication, medical support, and fire suppression.

Technologically, the Giant Lizard incorporates several core patented technologies, enabling it to prove its capabilities within both Chinese and international defense markets, but also its compliance with globally recognized standards. These innovations include dual-body vehicle attitude adjustment technology, specialized independent four-wheel drive mechanical transmission technology, energy-efficient control technology with thermal management systems, and independent vibration reduction technology for tracked multi-wheel systems.

In terms of specifications, the Giant Lizard tracked all-terrain amphibious carrier measures 9.1 meters in length, 2.45 meters in width, and 2.6 meters in height. With a combat weight of 17,000 kg and a maximum payload distributed between the first cabin (400 kg) and the second cabin (5,000 kg), totaling 5,400 kg, the Giant Lizard maintains a maximum road speed of 65 km/h and an amphibious speed of 5 km/h. Its protection level is effective against Chinese Type 56 7.62mm standard ammunition, and it accommodates a crew of fourteen—four in the front and ten in the rear cabin.

Additional technical capabilities include a minimum turning radius of 7.8 meters, a maximum gradeability of 35°, a side slope angle of 25°, and an obstacle crossing height of 1 meter with a trench crossing width of 1.6 meters. It operates effectively within a temperature range from -43°C to +50°C and includes a self-recovery winch capable of pulling up to 8,000 kg.


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