Allen Control Systems to Showcase Bullfrog Counter-Drone Robotic Weapon System at T-REX 2024

Allen Control Systems to Showcase Bullfrog Counter-Drone Robotic Weapon System at T-REX 2024

On May 29, 2024, Allen Control Systems (ACS), a defense technology company, developed an anti-drone robotic weapon system called Bullfrog. This system will be showcased at the Technology Readiness Experimentation 2024 (T-REX 24-2) event, organized by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Indiana National Guard. The event will take place from August 19 to 26 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

The Bullfrog system incorporates an M240 machine gun with advanced technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence. This system aims to efficiently and economically neutralize enemy drones. Bullfrog is designed as a kinetic defeat solution, an alternative to more expensive missile-based methods.

Steven Simoni, co-founder and CEO of ACS, mentioned that Bullfrog is currently the only kinetic defeat solution that will be presented at T-REX 24-2. The event serves as a platform to evaluate and accelerate the integration of new technologies deemed essential by the Department of Defense.

The development of Bullfrog addresses the need to counter drones that have become more resistant to radio frequency jamming techniques. These drones are often used by enemy forces and pose increased risks on battlefields.

The T-REX 24-2 event is part of the Rapid Defense Experimentation Reserve (RDER), a process aimed at encouraging the experimentation of military technologies and accelerating the transition from concept to field application. The Bullfrog system will be evaluated for its ability to enhance defense operations against drones.

The Bullfrog™ Gun Turret is an autonomous defense system designed to detect, identify, and neutralize enemy UAVs. It is lightweight, weighing under 400 lbs, and operates on 24V DC, making it easy to integrate with standard NATO vehicles. The system is suitable for both mobile operations and stationary defense of critical infrastructure, such as power substations.

Bullfrog™ can operate in both autonomous and semi-autonomous modes, targeting Class 1-3 UAVs using standard M240 7.62mm rounds. It features a fully passive detection system, which does not emit detectable signals, enhancing its operational safety. Additionally, the turret’s open architecture supports integration with existing command and control systems and radar, which can be customized to enhance its capabilities. Its detection accuracy is supported by vision technology trained on millions of images.

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