Georgia Enhances Defense Capabilities with Delivery of Turkish-Made BMC Vuran Armored Vehicles

Georgia Enhances Defense Capabilities with Delivery of Turkish-Made BMC Vuran Armored Vehicles

The Georgian Defense Forces (GDF) recently took delivery of 46 BMC Vuran multipurpose armored vehicles as reported by Georgian media on June 12, 2024. The event, held at an infantry brigade near Tbilisi in Vaziani, marked the fulfillment of a defense agreement between Georgia and Turkey established in 2022.

The ceremony was attended by several prominent figures, including Turkish Ambassador to Georgia Ali Kaan Orbay, Georgian Deputy Defense Minister Sergo Janelidze, Brigadier General Irakli Chichinadze, ASFAT General Manager Behcet Karatas, among other officials.

During the ceremony, Ambassador Orbay addressed the media, emphasizing the Vuran vehicles as a testament to Turkey’s commitment to supporting Georgia’s security and integrity. He noted that up to 80% of the components and production of the Vuran are sourced within Turkey, showcasing the country’s defense manufacturing capabilities. Orbay also expressed his hope for continued cooperation between the two nations across various sectors.

Deputy Defense Minister Janelidze highlighted the long-standing and successful defense cooperation between Turkey and Georgia, noting that the NATO-standard armored vehicles not only enhance Georgia’s defensive capabilities but also strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries.

The BMC Vuran is a mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle renowned for its high level of protection against mines and ambush threats. The specific models delivered to Georgia are equipped with a light remote-controlled weapon station developed by the Israeli defense company RAFAEL, featuring a 40mm automatic grenade launcher that boosts their operational capabilities.

The Vuran 4×4, produced by BMC within the Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle group, is a multipurpose armored vehicle first introduced in the mid-2010s. Primarily serving in the Turkish armed forces, the Vuran has also been offered to various international clients, although exact numbers in service are not typically disclosed. Known for its robust design and versatility in different military and security roles, the Vuran 4×4 can carry up to 9 persons and offers a high level of protection and mobility.

It features a monocoque-type armored cabin with blast-deflecting windows, shock-absorbing seats, front and rear cameras, an automatic fire extinguishing system, Run-Flat tires with central tire inflation, and an optional remote-controlled automatic weapon station. Advanced subsystems include ASELSAN SARP Dual remote-controlled weapon stations, CBRN protection, jammers, smoke mortars, comprehensive fire extinguishing systems, and additional tactical enhancements such as hydraulic winches and cable cutting arms, further enhancing its operational effectiveness in various scenarios.

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