KNDS unveils Leclerc Evolution tank at Eurosatory

KNDS unveils Leclerc Evolution tank at Eurosatory

KNDS, the European leader in armored vehicle manufacturing, has unveiled the Leclerc Evolution, a next-generation main battle tank, at Eurosatory 2024.

This advanced combat vehicle is designed to bridge the gap between current systems and future military requirements, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and modular design for enhanced battlefield performance.

The Leclerc Evolution features a modular turret equipped with the ASCALON cannon, which can switch from a 120mm to a 140mm caliber. This flexibility allows for superior firepower and adaptability to various combat scenarios. The tank is designed with a four-member crew configuration, including a new position for an assistant tank commander to manage additional sensors and effectors.

“The Leclerc Evolution represents a significant advancement in combat vehicle technology, offering unmatched firepower, protection, and modularity,” said a KNDS spokesperson. The vehicle is equipped with cutting-edge communication systems and advanced protection measures, ensuring operational effectiveness in high-threat environments.

The Leclerc Evolution is designed to enhance battlefield performance with a versatile turret that includes the ARX 30 RCWS and loitering ammunition launcher. This setup improves the tank’s ability to counter UAV threats and extend engagement range. The vehicle also integrates advanced observation and protection systems, including a commander panoramic sight and active protection system.

The tank offers a maximum road speed of 68 km/h and a range of 470 km, with modular design features allowing for future upgrades and enhanced survivability.

The Leclerc Evolution, alongside the Leopard 2 A-RC 3.0, forms part of KNDS’s strategic roadmap for future armored vehicle solutions, aimed at maintaining a competitive edge in modern warfare. These systems are expected to enter service by 2030, providing enhanced capabilities to NATO forces.

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