Poland step closer to start of K2 tank production

Poland step closer to start of K2 tank production

On Tuesday, July 2, representatives from Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. (PGZ) met with officials from Hyundai Rotem Company to finalize a strategic cooperation agreement for the production of K2 tanks in Poland.

According to a press release from PGZ, this meeting is part of ongoing industrial dialogue aimed at enhancing Poland’s defense capabilities through international collaboration.

Following a series of intensive meetings involving the Polish government and PGZ Group representatives in both South Korea and Poland, the management of PGZ has taken decisive steps to finalize the new agreement. The goal is to establish a strategic partnership between PGZ S.A. and Hyundai Rotem Company, ensuring that the interests of all armored companies within the PGZ Group are safeguarded.

PGZ S.A. is currently negotiating with the Korean side to maximize the integration, production, and localization of the Korean equipment acquired by the Ministry of National Defense. According to the existing agreements, the servicing and maintenance of K2 tanks will be conducted using the resources and infrastructure of the Military Automotive Works in Poznan.

“This strategic partnership aims to strengthen our defense industry by incorporating advanced technology and production techniques from Hyundai Rotem,” stated a PGZ representative. “We are committed to ensuring that the equipment meets our national standards and requirements, thus enhancing our military capabilities.”

The collaboration is expected to bring significant technological advancements to Poland’s defense sector, including the localization of production processes. This move is part of a broader effort to modernize the Polish Armed Forces and ensure their readiness to meet contemporary security challenges.

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