Rafael confirms first operational use of Spike Firefly drones

Rafael confirms first operational use of Spike Firefly drones

Israeli defense contractor Rafael has announced the first operational use of its Spike Firefly drones, also known as “Moaz”.

The deployment, which occurred a year ago, showcases the innovative capabilities of this loitering munition system.

“This advanced system exemplifies Rafael’s commitment to innovation, providing unique capabilities that ensure unmatched precision and reliability,” the company stated.

The Spike Firefly is a loitering munition designed as a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in a helicopter configuration, equipped with dual coaxial counter-rotating rotor blades. Weighing only three kilograms, the drone is highly versatile and can be adapted for various missions.

The drone features an electro-optical observation system with a thermal imaging channel, allowing it to operate effectively in different environments. It can be armed with either a 350-gram fragmentation warhead or a shaped charge warhead, depending on the mission requirements. The Spike Firefly offers a flight endurance of 15 to 30 minutes, determined by the use of one or two battery packs.

As noted by the company, the Spike Firefly drone has redefined operational tactics with its ability to loiter over targets and deliver precise strikes. Its compact size and lightweight design enable rapid deployment and flexibility in the field, making it an invaluable asset for modern military operations.

Israel’s military use of the Spike Firefly drone system to locate and neutralize terror cells in the Gaza Strip. This deployment demonstrates the drone’s operational effectiveness in real-world scenarios, providing a critical tool for counter-terrorism operations.

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