98 Mi-28NM are to be delivered to the Russian Army by next 10 year

by Admin | Friday, Jun 28, 2019 | 213 views

During the Army-2018 international defense forum, the Russian Helicopters holding (part of the Rostec state corporation) unveiled its first serial Mi-28NM attack helicopter and the Ka-52 helicopter, modernized with regard to combat experience in Syria.

“The Russian Helicopters holding (part of the Rostec state corporation) for the first time presents its newest Mi-28NM attack helicopter and the Ka-52 reconnaissance and combat helicopter, upgraded with regard to combat experience. The Mi-28NM displayed at the forum is the first serial modernized Night Hunter,” the company’s press service said in a statement on 27 June.

The Mi-28NM helicopter gunship is designed to search for and destroy low-speed air targets, tanks, armored and non-armored vehicles as well as enemy manpower in daytime and at night, in all weather conditions.

The first Mi-28NM helicopter was made in 2009. Being an upgraded variant of the Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopter, it differs significantly from its predecessor. The Mi-28NM onboard radar equipment comprises an innovative helmet-mounted imaging and pointing system. The helicopter is equipped with an N025 radar station, which makes it possible to carry out round watch. The upgrade also has a new EW system. In addition to that, the Mi-28 NM helicopter has a modified fuselage and modernized engines; a radio-electronic onboard system and a target sight system; an auxiliary power plant and equipment for communication with unmanned aerial vehicles.


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