The АТZ-6,5-5233 Undergoes State Testing

The АТZ-6,5-5233 Undergoes State Testing

“AutoKrAZ” and NE “45th Experimental Mechanical Plant” have built 6,5 cu.m. refueller (АPZ-6,5-5233) based on the KrAZ-5233НЕ chassis. This model will replace old 5 cu.m. refuellers based on Ural chassis.

31 05 19 01 002 e1559756977444The АТZ prototype undergoes state testing. The first stage took place in the facilities of NE “45th Experimental Mechanical Plant”. The second stage of testing is under way at “KrAZ”. The company’s tests engineers check the prototype for speed, noise and smoke level.

Upon completion of state testing the АТZ-6,5-5233 will go to a military unit for use in field conditions where the final stage of testing will take place.

The АPZ-6,5-5233 refueller is used for storing and carrying fuel on all kinds of roads and off road, mechanized refueling of armored and other vehicles of the AFU with fuel metering.

Special refueling equipment is designed to provide the following functions: loading using onboard tank, top and bottom loading using outside pump; fuel dispensing and metering, unloading without passing filter and meter, fuel transfer between storage tanks, unloading by gravity, defueling from dispensing and delivery hoses.

The 4х4 KrAZ-5233НЕ off road chassis cab is designed for conversion to vehicle provided with special and industrial equipment. Chassis cab configuration is standard:  380hp engine, 9-speed manual transmission with single-disk dry clutch, and hydraulic power steering.

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