Steppe Eagle 2019 tactical exercise to take place in Kazakhstan soon

by Admin | Saturday, Jun 15, 2019 | 444 views

The Steppe Eagle 2019 international peacekeeping tactical exercise will take place at the Ili and Shelekemir training centers in Almaty region from 17th to 28th June, Polygon told the press service of the MOD of Kazakhstan.

The exercise is aimed at improving the practical skills of commanders and combined multinational staffs in arranging peacekeeping operations, the interaction between foreign units, as well as directing troops during peacekeeping operations.

The personnel of the Kazakhstan peacekeeping regiment is actively preparing for the exercise. It is to be recalled that the Steppe Eagle exercise has been annually held since 2003. Every year, military observers from foreign countries, military diplomatic corps members accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan participate in the exercise.

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