Belarusian Army planing to buys Ataka ATGM in 2020-2021

by Admin | Thursday, Nov 14, 2019 | 80 views

The Belarusian Army intends to buy antitank guided missiles Ataka in 2020-2021.

Belarus state news agency BelTA according learned from Defense Minister Andrei Ravkov during a seminar for heads of mass media with on 12 November.

“We intend to acquire antitank guided missiles Ataka in 2020-2021. The missiles are based on the 9M114 missile of the Shturm complex. The missiles are designed to destroy armored vehicles, personnel, reinforced firing points, air defense installations, and helicopters at ranges of up to 6 km”, minister said.

The new missile can penetrate up to 950mm of armor behind explosive-reactive armor. The missile can be fired by antitank combat vehicles Shturm as well as Mi-24, Mi-8 helicopters and their modifications.

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