Iranian Sayyad-2 sniper rifle with IS fighters in Sinai

Iranian Sayyad-2 sniper rifle with IS fighters in Sinai

Images which depict that IS fighters which are settled in Sinai, Egypt are using Sayyad-2 sniper rifle that was manufactured in Iran were uploaded on internet.

Probably, these rifles were captured from military base of government forces in Syria and Irag.

Sayyad-2 sniper rifle single-shot bolt action rifle: each round has to be loaded directly into the ejection port and is pushed into the chamber by the bolt. The fluted barrel is cold hammer forged and provides excellent accuracy at an effective range up to 2000 metr.  It has an adjustable bi-pod, a highly efficient muzzle brake which reduces recoil substantially to increase shooting comfort and a Picatinny rail for installation of various optics.

The gun’s feed system excludes a magazine and fires single shots with 12.7-mm bullets.

Weighing around 12 kilograms, Sayyad-2 is 1.5 meters long and can hit targets in a maximum range of 1,500 meters. The gun’s fire rate is 3-5 rounds per minute.

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