Government of Turkey has chosen BMC for Altay tank

Government of Turkey has chosen BMC for Altay tank

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Undersecretariat for Defense Industry of Turkey (SSM) has made a decision for negotiations with BMC company for serial production of 250 “Altay” main battle tanks and on the project of making an engine for the tank.

“Otokar”, BMC, and FNSS companies had proposed for the serial production of 250 “Altay” tanks in a tender which was held in November 16, 2017.

ALTAY has 120 mm 55 caliber main gun capable of firing all kinds of ammunition compatible with  STANAG 4385. The new generation Fire Control System with Hunter-Killer function provides a very high First Round Hit Probability (FRHP) on the move and decreases vulnerability with redundant architecture. ALTAY also has a RCWS (12.7 / 7.62 mm Machine Gun and 40 mm Grenade Launcher) and a coaxial 7.62 mm Machine Gun as auxiliary weapons.

Composed of RHA steel hull and turret structures with composite armour and add-on ERA packages, ALTAY is able to withstand the latest KE and CE threats. Add-on Mine Protection Kit, Life Support  System, APU, Laser Warning System, 360º Situational Awareness System are just some of the urvivability features of ALTAY. ALTAY is equipped with a new generation Battlefield Management System (BMS) which provides full awareness of the vehicle status and function of the subsystems to the crew.

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