Kalashnikov Concern has Started Self-loading Rifle TG1 Sales

Kalashnikov Concern has Started Self-loading Rifle TG1 Sales

On July 2, Kalashnikov Concern, affiliated to Rostec State Corporation, launched a new smooth-bore self-loading shotgun TG1. The weapon is meant for training and live practicing, law enforcement and personal property protection. The product can be purchased under a usual license for smooth-bore weapons, making an online order on the official website of the concern or through a proprietary network of brand-zones.

The 12 m gun is constructed on the basis of the popular MR-155 model and features a modern gas venting system, chrome plated chamber and bore. The 12/70 and 12/76 caliber cartridges are fed out from a detachable box magazine, the design provides an automatic shutter delay. The handle with a pistol grip and fore-end are made of impact-resistant plastic. The rifle is furnished with a Picatinny rail, on which a detachable carrying handle with a fully integrated iron sight is mounted .

The length of the gun is 1040 mm, while the of barrel length is 510 mm. The weight of the weapon with an empty magazine does not exceed 3.5 kg. the of the magazine case capacity is 5 cartridges.

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