Turkish company Albayraklar presented Wattozz Wireless Energy Weapon

Turkish company Albayraklar presented Wattozz Wireless Energy Weapon

Wattozz Wireless Energy Weapon, which production was completed, became a competitor to the conducted electrical weapon  ‘Taser’ used by more than one million police officers in 117 countries around the world. The first photos of the new wireless weapon, which has superior features compared to the US competitor, were served to the press, today.

During the 100 days action program, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan explained: “Defence industry projects are especially important to me. 48 of the 400 projects in our program belong to our defence industry.” Saying that, he shared with the public the first photos of the wireless electroshock weapon ‘Wattozz’, which production was completed by the company Albayrak Savunma Company

With Wattozz Sida (Armed Unmanned Naval Vehicle) the domestic company caught the attention of the whole world is now getting ready for the world launch of the remote effective wireless electric weapon Wattozz, which production was recently completed.

The weapon made in Turkey was developed wireless

The US-origin Taser stun gun is used in many countries around the world and is being debated in recent years, as it causes severe injuries. In the reports of the Amnesty International dozens of cases of injuries caused by Taser are stated. In contrast to the gun, the wireless electrical weapon Wattozz made in Turkey was developed wireless and is attracting the attention with superior features.

“We can do better than America”

Mr. Adnan Albayrak, Chairman of the Board of Director of the Albayraklar Group of Companies emphasized in his explanations related to the subject, that the weapon was produced by Turkish academicians with 100% domestic materials. He used the following expressions: wattozz1

“While Turkey was a country where even the small calibre rifle is produced under foreign license, everything has change during the last 15-16 years. Now we have become a country that sells heavy weapons such as helicopters, unmanned aerials to the world. The Wattozz Energy Gun we produced is one of the biggest indicators for that. We can do better than America. Our weapon was produced by Turkish academicians with a completely different technology and 100% domestic material. There is nothing comparable in the world. With this advanced weapon being used by all the security forces, I think that the use of firearms in the world will be reduced and undesirable situations such as death and serious injury will be prevented.”

 “It will bring huge amounts of foreign exchange and added value to our country.”

Adnan Albayrak pointed out that the US-origin Taser bears too much risk and disadvantages, that due to its old cable technology the chance to target with the weapon does not exist and therefore severe injuries are caused. “The world police organisations will stop using existing wired electrical weapons and prefer Turkish made wireless weapons. In this way, huge amounts of foreign currency entry and added value will be provided to our country.”

Albayrak stated that the production of defence technologies and weapons projects are continuing rapidly and that after the preparation for the mass production of the Wattozz Energy Weapon and after the launch, distributorships all over the world will be given.

Human voice warning system is available in different languages.

According to the statement made by the company, the Wattozz Gun will be sold to a reasonable price, compared to the competitor, and with free of charge training and full warranty support. The weapon attracts attention with features like wireless bullet and two-shot, built-in camera with anti-vibration system, remote bullet/electric control with radio frequency, firing system without gunpowder / without gas, high trigger sensitivity, point shot high hit feature, silent firing, human voice warning system, built-in targeting laser, built-in night light, data-port data information system, direct contact mode,  ergonomic handle, long battery life and illuminated warning indicator.

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