Techmash сreates new high-precision artillery projectile

Techmash сreates new high-precision artillery projectile

Techmash Concern (part of Rostec) is developing a concept for a new 152 mm correctable artillery projectile. Its key feature is trajectory correction in the final stage of flight, i.e., immediately after firing, the ammunition piece will move ballistically, like a conventional projectile, but in the vicinity of the target, it will use its own control system to correct its trajectory.

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“It is a new 152 mm correctable projectile for artillery of that caliber. It is difficult to build a control system into ammunition of this type due to the high dynamic loads that the projectile undergoes at the moment of firing, while it is spinning within the barrel bore and during the flight. At a spin rate as high as 30,000 revolutions per second, optics do not work — the picture is blurred. We are considering several ways to correct the projectile trajectory in the final stage, including aerodynamic surfaces on the fuse and mini jet engines,” said Deputy CEO of Techmash Alexander Kochkin.

Now design specifications and general outline of the new projectile are being developed. The design does not have a name yet. The new projectile should fall in the middle price range — cheaper than guided projectiles like the Krasnopol type, but more expensive than conventional projectiles.

“Rostec pays special attention to developing and producing high tech products and promoting them on the international market. I am sure the new correctable projectiles that are being developed by Techmash will interest our foreign partners in a number of countries, including the Middle East,” said Sergey Abramov Industrial Director of the cluster of conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemistry at Rostec.

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