The BМ-21UМ Berest combat vehicle based on KrAZ chassis

The BМ-21UМ Berest combat vehicle based on KrAZ chassis

It will replace the BМ-21 Grad vehicle in service with the Ukrainian army.  122-mm MLRS has been heavily upgraded by SE “Shepetovka Repair Plant”, “Ukroboronprom” decided to use new generation KrAZ cabover chassis as basis for new vehicle design.  New combat vehicle was unveiled at Exhibition Arms and Security that closed last week in Kiev. It has caught interest of military, journalists and exhibition attendees.

The BМ-21 Berest provides more firepower, precision of fire, integration of ordnance digital control and guidance systems, mobility and shortened ready to fire time as compared to Grad.

Only Ukrainian-made components are used for production of this rocket system. Its feature is digital fire control system, allowing the crew to prepare to fire, especially, to perform artillery survey, without leaving the cab. Another feature of new MLRS is increased firepower to 50 rounds from 40 rounds of Grad. Increased firepower provides assured destruction of enemy and fire distribution.

New digital technologies integrating Berest into information exchange system enable the MLRS crew to get precise coordinated of enemy position in real time which are processed and provided by drones, counter-battery radar and other surveillance systems. This integration improves fire precision and efficiency by huge ratio.

The 4х4 КрАЗ 5401НЕ off road cabover chassis Berest is based has been recently developed by “AutoKrAZ”. It has two-row four-door cab for comfortable accommodation of crew and all required fire control equipment. Payload capacity of the KrAZ-5401НЕ is 9 tonne.

Special vehicle based on this chassis with wide tires and tire inflation system can be used on all kinds of roads and off road, on rugged terrains.  Fuel range is up to 600 km due to two fuel tanks of 165 l each. The vehicle can travel at a speed exceeding 90 km/h, what is more, it is maneuverable due to cabover design and can be used in urban cycle.

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