Iranian Army new missile system tested in “Velayat 97” drills

Iranian Army new missile system tested in “Velayat 97” drills

The missile system “Talash” (“Endeavor”) is one of the newest defense systems of the Khatam-ul-Anbia headquarters, which could hit targets at high and medium altitudes.

The system is capable of destroying aerial targets flying at low, medium and high altitudes.

The missile system, combined with the Iranian “Horizon” radar, has been designed and produced by the Iranian defense industry. The new ground to air missile system “Talash” was tested successfully on the first day of “Velayat 97” drills, destroying targets in the sky at different distances.

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The missile system hit three air targets in this exercise by firing three “Sayyad” ground to air missiles.

In another operation, the IRGC Aerospace Force units employed “Khordad 3rd” air defense missile system to shoot down dummy hostile aircraft over the sky of the drill zone.

“Khordad 3rd” enjoys state-of-the-art technologies suitable for electronic warfare. It can intercept 4 targets and fire 8 missiles simultaneously within a range of 50 km.

The drill involves tactics to employ command and control systems to detect, track and intercept hostile targets, conducting air defense operations in electronic warfare, using passive aerial detection systems as well as air-based air defense gear including manned and unmanned aircraft, and countering anti-radiation and cruise missiles.

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