Tajikistan demonstrated Chinese-made VP-11 MRAP and Tiger APC

Tajikistan demonstrated Chinese-made VP-11 MRAP and Tiger APC

Tajikistan Border Troops have demonstrated Chinese-made VP-11 MRAP and Tiger armored personnel carriers.

VP-11 MRAP (Norinco) and Tiger (Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles Company) armored personnel carrier were demonstrated for the first time, told RDS.

Both cars are used on the mountain Badachshan province – border with Afghanistan.

The cars were purchased in 2018.

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The VP11 4×4 Lightweight MRAP Armoured Vehicle is developed by NORINCO to meet the further requirement for the 4×4 tactical vehicles. It is featured by high level of protection, not only against bullets but also against mines and IEDs. Compared with heavy-duty MRAPs, the VP11 has better mobility and cross country capability, the gravity centre is lower, making the vehicle more stable when conquering difficult terrains, especially in mountain areas.

  • Ballistic protection: STANAG 4569 Level 1, can reach STANAG 4569 Level 2 by apply appliqué armour
  • Explosive protection: can protect the crew from 10kg TNT explosion under the wheels, or 8kg TNT explosion under the hull
  • Light weight, compact structure offers good tactical and strategic mobility
  • UW1 remote weapon station and open gun turret available
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Chinese-made Tiger APC

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