GRAVITEK Launches Its Blast Protection Seats Facility in Turkey

GRAVITEK Launches Its Blast Protection Seats Facility in Turkey

IDEF, Istanbul, April 30 2019- GRAVITEK, a company specializing in state-of-the-art energy absorbing solutions, announcedtoday at IDEF International 2019 show, the opening of its new facility in Turkey. Gravitek will supply the armored vehicle industry with its high-end, Blast ProtectionSeating solutions.

GRAVITEK MG 0640As demonstrated at its booth at the IDEF exhibition, Gravitek offers a widerange of blast mitigation seating solutions from the highly ergonomic Troop Seat, to the more complex Driver, Commander and Gunner seats. With its “Made in Turkey” strategy, Gravitek plans to becomeanimportantseating solution supplier to the local Turkish and Eurasianarmored vehicle industryas well as toexport to other countries from Turkey.

Gravitek’sseating solutions complywith STANAG4569 (NATO Standardization Agreement for protection levels of occupants in armored vehicles) level 3 and 4 and adheres to the demanding vehicle safety standards such as FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 207, 210, 302, ECE R14, R16 and more.

Mr. Oren Goor, Gravitek’s CEO was quoted saying: “we are very proud to launch  Gravitek’s efforts to become a significate player in the Turkish  market. We strongly believe in the potential of the local market and look forward to cooperating with its leading armored vehicle companies. The vast local manufacturing base represents a variety of opportunities, both in Turkey and in export markets, and we intend to work very closely with the industry to explore this potential.

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