STE to supply 120 mm anti-tank laser guided missiles to Turkey

STE to supply 120 mm anti-tank laser guided missiles to Turkey

During the first day of the IDEF’19 International Defence Industry Fair held in Istanbul, the SE SFTE “Spetstechnoexport” solemnly initialed a contract with the Turkish state corporation “Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu” (“MKEK”) for supply of 120 mm anti-tank laser guided missiles “Konus”, developed and produced by the “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”.


During the first stage of the contract implementation, there is planned to supply 120 mm anti-tank laser guided missiles “Konus” and guidance systems for their integration into Turkish main battle tanks. Subsequently, there will be a partial transfer of technologies – Ukrainian guided missiles will be produced at the “MKEK” capacities.

As a result of the initialization of the contract, the parties agreed on the issues of cost and terms of delivery, as well as all conditions for the agreement implementation. The completion of the signing procedure and the start of production of an export batch of missiles is scheduled for the coming weeks.

The anti-tank laser guided missile “Konus” was specially developed by the “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch” for firing from armored tanks with NATO caliber 120 mm main gun. The missile is capable of striking the target at a distance of 5 km, far exceeding the range of conventional tank projectiles. The tandem combat part of the missile is capable of destroying a dynamic protection system of enemy tank and punching up to 800 mm of armor.

The advantage of cooperating with Turkish “MKEK” is the ability to supply high-precision weapons not only to the Turkish Armed Forces, but also to increase the presence of Ukrainian defense products in other markets that operate 120-mm guns and actively cooperate with the Turkish defense industry – in particular, the Middle-East countries and South-East Asia

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