KrAZ: The batch of KrAZ-Shrek-M exported of the African countries

KrAZ: The batch of KrAZ-Shrek-M exported of the African countries

KrAZ-Shrek-M mine protected V-hull vehicles based on KrAZ-5233 all-terrain 4×4 chassis shipped to one of the African countries.

kraz shrek e1563890188858Subject model was designed for exploration of hazardous areas, search and disposal of explosive devices. Vehicles are equipped with an Italian demining crane arms with special equipment, controlled from the inside of a protected armored body. The image of the operation, for example, mine clearance, is displayed on the operator’s monitor. The demining system (manufactured in the USA) includes a high-quality camera, special lighting equipment, a gripping device.

KrAZ Shrek armoring provides protection against weapons, grenade fragments, IEDs, and meets the level of STANAG 4569 level 2 ballistic protection; mine protection – STANAG 4569 level 2a, 2b with possible extension up to level 4 blast withstanding.

Representatives of the customer several times visited AutoKrAZ: first, they got acquainted with the line up of serial and advanced KrAZ vehicles, performance capabilities and technical characteristics. When the production was completed during the pre-shipment inspection all vehicle systems were properly tested and approved by customer.

KrAZ-Shrek-M is a model for specific tasks, in particular, it cleans the route from potentially explosive objects. The vehicle is equipped with a 380-horsepower engine, 9-power gearbox. The customer chose a simple powertrain combination to facilitate possibility of field service and maintenance.

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