Ukrainian company SpetsTechnoExport presented 1L221E Counterbattery Radar

Ukrainian company SpetsTechnoExport presented 1L221E Counterbattery Radar

Ukroboronprom enterprises Research and Production Complex “Iskra” presented in February of this year innovative 1L221E Counterbattery Radar that can be used for both surveillance and detecting enemy and friendly artillery.

DSC 8139Technical peculiarities of the radar allows detecting classes of shooting systems (mortars, artillery, tactical missiles), determine impact points of mortars and ordnances, detect enemy UAVs and military aircraft.

1L221E Counterbattery Radar technical spesification:

– reliable locating of fire positions upon the first shot (launch) within the full effective range;
– identification of the firing system types: mortars, guns, tactical missiles etc.;
– forecasting of the enemy impact points;
– reconnaissance, the battlefield data acquisition, calculation of the enemy fring batteries coordinates and their orientation on the battlefield,
– transfer of reconnaissance data to command posts;
– high interference immunity under sever ECM;
– all weather operability, high mobility, operation under different climatic conditions.
Reconnaissance/surveillance range (km): 20-80 (depends on firing system type)
Electronic surveillance sector, (deg):
– in azimuth: 60(±30)
– in elevation: 40 (+25/-15)
Deployment/folding time (min): 5
Crew (persons): 4

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