Buta Armor Technologies begins new projects

Buta Armor Technologies begins new projects

The issue of giving resident status to “Buta Armor Technologies” LLC was raised in the meeting of Experts Council of High Technologies Park (HTP) of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences held on June 12.

Note that, the company of “Buta Armor” specialized in the field of armored jackets, helmet and accessories obtained residency of ANAS HT Park in the late of 2017 year. The above mentioned enterprise is currently engaged in production. The newly created “Buta Armor Technologies” (BAT) company that will operate in defense industry field is going to produce products based on high technologies.

The founder of the company Ramin Ahmadov, who for the first time gave information about activity directions of “Buta Armor Technologies” and projects to POLYGON journal stated that the company was newly accepted to residency of ANAS HT Park.

BAT iki layihə ilə müdafiə sənayesinə qatıldı 1


“Our company, that will be engaged in production of “Buta Armor” named armored jacket and helmet, was accepted to the residency of HT Park. Unlike “Buta Armor” BAT is the company with completely Azerbaijan investment, not having any other shareholder that executes innovative projects with high technologies. As you know, armored jackets are produced together with foreign partner. Those products are products with simpler technology in terms of solution. The projects of BAT are innovative projects created with application of modern information technologies” – R.Ahmadov highlighted.

According to words of the company chairman, who told that some products have passed initial probation and are going to be completed, there are currently 2 main products. They are basis for creation of new products in next periods. Now researches and trials are conducted on other products.

The first product of BAT is defense simulator from interactive air attack, visualization of which has been increased in the level of reality. According to words of Ramin Ahmadov, full fight imitation was provided in the simulator called 9F881 “S-Sfera”: “There are analogical products used by the army of Azerbaijan, but obtained from abroad. I can say to compare that, our simulator has wider possibilities more than 2,5 times in terms of visualization, effects, classification of air targets and other technological characteristics. It’s possible to open fire against various kinds of planes, helicopters, UAVs, rockets with our simulator. When it comes to price, we give 6 complex to the price of one of the universal training appliance of foreign producer. Other than that, we offer 500 working clocks. The guarantee for software and hardware of the simulator is more than 3 times. The main advantage of our simulator is that it’s possible to adapt it to the territory of each military unit. Each soldier, officer is trained here in a way as in his military unit”.

R.Ahmadov, who told that information was given about 9F881 “S-Sfera” to Air Forces Command and Head Office of Tactical Efficiency and Military Education of the Ministry of Defense, stated that, if required, they can refurbish software of training simulator in use by keeping its existing equipment.

According to words of the company chairman, who says the second important project of BAT is UAV with reactive engine, 450-500 km/hour maximum speed was obtained in the frame of project on which is operated for about one year. UAV, trials of which have been completed with presence of relevant bodies, stays in the air for 50 minutes.

“Our this UAV gives opportunity to create fight imitation of air targets of each kind. We can analyze all information after training due to apparatus existing on it. This UAV is not only for trials of rocket complex of defense sections from air attacks, but also intended to check radar. The target may be used again by bringing down, if UAV is not shot”.

According to words of Ramin Ahmadov, works go on creation of other various antiaircraft – rocket complex simulator on basis of interactive simulator and strike UAV and anti-drone system on basis of reactive UAV.

“We are preparing for exercises with controlled supplies in recent times. In the second version, our UAV will implement catching of UAVs in the air”.

Ramin Ahmadov also noted that, although the first aim of projects started in defense industry by private company “Buta Armor Technologies” is to provide the army of Azerbaijan with new technologies, projects are commercial-directed:

“Private companies invest money in huge amount for each project. Naturally, to return back this investment in the future, to gain profit. Who has technological advantage, he will win the war. All products with high technology used in our army today are foreign production. All the companies, world marks producing the most modern military products in the world are private. We assign money in serious amount to these projects as a private company. Both of our projects are implemented with the presence of Azerbaijani scientists, engineers. I openly say, any foreign company selling us product do not give us their passwords. But we prepare these products ourselves. All passwords belong to us. Technical support after sale will be implemented by us in Baku. Our products are cheaper than foreign analogues in terms of price, but better 3-4 times in terms of quality. There are high results in trials. If we do not do anything right, we are open to more improve it with the presence of our military personnel. We have possibility to provide our army, we’ll do it with pleasure. Unlike foreigners, we are here. We are behind our products, we are responsible. We also implement service after sale. We believe that there will be interest to our products and simultaneously, we are also sure in successful promotion of these technologies in foreign markets. Of course, this strategy will serve the brand of “Made in Azerbaijan” to take position and to raise export potential of our country”.

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