Saab announces new camouflage

Saab announces new camouflage

Saab has developed a new type of camouflage called ARCASe (Advanced Reversible Camouflage Screen emissive), with the first briefing on the new product at the annual Barracuda User Group at DSEI, London.

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The ARCASe offers true multispectral protection and gives the user complete protection, even in changeable environments. ARCASe is the first reversible thermal pattern camouflage system from Saab. It protects vehicles or other assets by masking and disrupting their thermal signature to blend in with the background.

The ARCASe’s visible pattern is reversible which means it has different colours on each side allowing the user to choose which is most effective without comprising the thermal protection.

“Saab has a long and distinguished history in development of camouflage systems. The ARCASe is our best camouflage for use in broken terrain and is a valuable addition to our broad camouflage portfolio,” says Görgen Johansson, Head of Saab business area Dynamics.

The world famous multispectral camouflage systems from Saab Barracuda will also be on display at DSEI on various vehicles.

Saab’s advanced camouflage technology products have been exported to more than 50 countries. Saab offers a unique package of camouflage systems and force protection solutions developed to limit an enemy’s ability to detect and engage. Various solutions and configurations are available to protect camps, vehicles as well as individual personnel in any type of terrain or environment.

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