Terma introduces MASE Pod prepared for DIRCM

Terma introduces MASE Pod prepared for DIRCM

At the Global Defence Helicopter in Dresden, Germany Terma displays a DIRCM-prepared version of our proven Modular Aircraft Survivability Equipment (MASE) pod for all types of military helicopters.

masepod coverAs a consequence of the modular design the new DIRCM/MASE pod will accommodate airforces with one as well as several types of different rotary wing aircraft as it easily can be moved from one platform to another.

Terma selected Global Defence Helicopter, Europe’s largest dedicated military helicopter event to introduce the DIRCM/MASE variant of our podded helicopter protection solution.

At the exhibition, we will also display our leading EW Management solutions for helicopters. Visit our booth no. 37 to see our MASE pod and learn more about how to integrate DIRCM and Missile Warning System on any type of helicopter platform.

We are also looking forward to demonstrating our range of 3D-audio solutions and components in an exciting virtual reality set-up. Take a seat in our virtual F-16, C-130J, AH-64 Apache, or CH-47 Chinook and experience scenarios from the pilot’s view.

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