AERACCESS announces a new major contract in the Middle East

AERACCESS announces a new major contract in the Middle East

AERACCESS has received a contract valued at 2M€ from an undisclosed Defence&Security government user in the Middle East for the delivery of several units of the Hawker Q800X UAS.

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The ALL Weather patented Q800X is the ultimate solution for over the hill surveillance and reconnaissance.

With multi sensors payloads capabilities, the Q800X brings real time support solutions, optimising tactical and field operations.

The HAWKER Q800X is a versatile and modular UAV for payloads upto 3 kg. It is designed to evolve in demanding meteorological environment (winds up to 8 0kph, heavy rain up to 10mm/ h).

With its encrypted AES 256 data link and video transmission, the HAWKER Q800X is resistant to cyber attacks. It can also operate in GPS denied environment in manual mode thanks to its intuitive operator interface and ruggedized control tablet.

“We are very pleased to have been selected on the basis of the full mastering of the complete system. This new major contract confirms the recognition of AERACCESS on the worldwide market as a leader in highly performing quadcopters mini and tactical drones for surveillance and reconnaissance. The multi mission capabilities of the Q800X convinced the users in terms of operations and cost effectiveness” -said Shehzaad Callachand, CEO of  AERACCESS.


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