Belarusian-British Winter Partisan Exercise

Belarusian-British Winter Partisan Exercise

On 2 March, a joint Belarusian-British exercise began at the Losvido training centre of the 103rd Separate Guards Airborne Brigade in accordance with the International Military Cooperation Plan for 2020.

The event is held on a bilateral basis in the framework of cooperation in the training of peacekeeping personnel. It is especially relevant from the point of view of the planned expansion of the participation of Belarus in the UN peacekeeping mission. Similar events with the British side have been held regularly in both countries since 2018.

The training is not a part of any multilateral exercises.

As previously reported, 28 military personnel of 42 Commando of the British Royal Marines are taking part in it. The Belarusian side is represented by the peacekeeping company of the 103rd Separate Guards Airborne Brigade.

It is noteworthy that the Winter Partisan exercise is named in honour of the Belarusian partisans during the World War II, aimed at emphasising the joint participation of Belarus and UK in the fight against fascism.

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