EXPAL Systems starts the development of its own guidance systems

EXPAL Systems starts the development of its own guidance systems

guiadoEXPAL Systems, today announced the launch of its first development of guidance systems. The company thus seeks to offer the Armed Forces ammunition with greater precision, in order to reduce collateral damage and achieve greater survivability thanks to efficiency in the mission. Another design objective that is sought is to achieve an improved anti-jaming capability.

Within its range of ammunition and components, the company has extensive experience in integrating its portfolio of ammunition with guidance kits from leading companies. With the launch announced today, EXPAL takes a definitive step towards the in-house development of this capability.

“We have completely verticalized the weapon, ammunition, propulsion and fuze, so it is a natural step to also verticalize the guidance and incorporate it into our product portfolio,” explains Stéphane Plantinet, Marketing Director of the Company.

The first project, initiated in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Defense through the DGAM Coincident program, is a 120mm mortar grenade guidance system, scalable to 155mm. This system introduces improvements in the field of algorithm, electronics and mechanical strengthening compared to existing systems. Also, as a new requirement, the scalability towards the European positioning system Galileo stands out.

“The new system responds to the needs of equipment and material of the Army marked in the Spanish Land Force 2035 project. We begin with guidance for mortar ammunition because it is a field in which we are experts,” adds Plantinet.

EXPAL Systems leads the market in 60, 81 and 120mm mortar systems and ammunitions, which are in service in more than 10 European countries and in more than 35 all over the world.

Specifically, in 81 mm mortars, the company has been awarded all the public offerings executed in Europe in the last 10 years. Their systems are present in key European countries such as Spain -both in the field and naval artillery-, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and Portugal. Outside Europe, last year, EXPAL has been awarded contracts to supply their mortar systems to the Morocco and Philippines’ armies.

EXPAL’s integrated proposal for mortars is envisioned for full adaptation to the client’s systems. It includes mortar systems of 60mm, 81mm and 120mm, the complete corresponding munition family, a 60/81mm mortar system on a light vehicle (EIMOS), fire support information systems (TECHFIRE), mini UAV for aerial reconnaissance (SHEPHERD-MIL), simulators to train troops (eSIMOX) and support systems to facilitate the troops’ mission in the battlefield (eCompax and MCounter).

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