Serbian Special Forces tested the “Milosh” UGV

Serbian Special Forces tested the “Milosh” UGV

The Serbian Special Brigade are carrying out live firing test from the “Milosh” unmanned remotely operated platform.

milosuv“Milosh“ vehicle can reach a range of approximately 2 km from a command-and-control vehicle under good visibility conditions. Together with the 800-meter machine gun range, this means that the vehicle operator is 2.8 km away from the front line. This vehicle is effective for destroying targets up to 800 meters with a machine gun and up to 350 meters with a grenade launcher. It is small enough to go through a standard 80-cm wide door, it can climb stairs and can also be used inside the buildings.

“The “Milosh” unmanned remotely operated platform has already shown its qualities and we are now introducing it into the standard armament of the Serbian Armed Forces. Very soon, a batch of “Mali Milosh” platforms will become a part of the Special Brigade’s armament and will significantly improve our capabilities” – said the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin.

According to Stefan Savic of the Military Technical Institute, who works as a member of the research and development team on “Milosh” unmanned remotely operated platform, the main purpose of this vehicle is to protect personnel.

Savic, noting that “Milosh” is equipped with a thermal imaging camera that can spot a man from up to 450-meter distance and is capable of night action.

The commander of the crew on the „Milosh“ combat platform, Staff Sergeant Nikola Nikolic, said that today’s firing in Nikinci was carried out with a 7.62 mm M86 machine gun and a 40 mm M16 grenade launcher.

The Milosh UGV was developed by the Military Technical Institute (MTI) of Serbia in co-operation with PPT Namenska to meet the requirements of the Serbian Army.

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