Belarus is developing missile programs

Belarus is developing missile programs

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko will inspected the pilot test area of the OKB TSP research and manufacturing company in Machulishchi near Minsk on 22 May.

000019 B2BA637CDAF232AD4325857000259109 124541In Machulishchi the head of state studied promising pieces of armaments. Aleksandr Lukashenko was told about the projects that have already been completed or are underway. These projects have to do with upgrade of existing weapons as well as development and production of competitive and innovative Belarusian weapons. They are in demand in the Belarusian army and have great export prospects.

Lukashenko told that the country started assembling Chinese missiles and is developing its own weaponry capable of reaching targets out to 300km in range. So far this project is running behind the schedule. “We need our own missile. If we have to rely on other countries to produce a certain weapon, we should not produce such a weapon. No one will simply give away such a weapon to us. We were lucky to strike a deal with the Chinese; we really appreciate their help. However, we should not depend on anyone anymore,” the president emphasized.

The engineers assured the head of state that the first prototype of this 300km missile will be developed by September. They said that they were considering missile ranges of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia to test this missile. However, Russia does not want to provide its testing areas so far. “Do not kneel in front of Russians. By refusing to collaborate in developing this missile and by refusing to provide even a testing area they are sending us a signal,” the president said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko left his signature on Belarus’ first surface-to-air missile. It was launched this year from the Buk missile system that was upgraded in Belarus. “I would like to leave my signature on Polonez firing at a 300 km distance,” the Belarusian leader noted referring to the development and testing of this missile system.

Founded in 2002, OKB TSP is an innovative R&D company that develops, tests, manufactures, upgrades, repairs and services weapons and military hardware, high-tech dual-use products.

The company repaired and upgraded the Buk missile system and developed a new Buk-MB2K placed on the MZKT base and new promising surface-to-air missiles for it.

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