SkyWall Patrol Integrated as part of ALADDIN Project 2020

SkyWall Patrol Integrated as part of ALADDIN Project 2020

SkyWall Patrol will be integrated as part of the ALADDIN project at a demonstration in Greece later in 2020 using the SkyLink module. OpenWorks Engineering and its SkyWall products will be working in collaboration with ALADDIN’s other partners to develop ‘a seamless, tightly integrated system for countering malicious drones’. EayBDgeXkAAtzgH

The ALADDIN platform will be made up of three core systems: Detection, Classification & Localisation, Neutralisation and Command & Control (C2). SkyWall Patrol will provide long-range net capture and will connect to the Aladdin system using SkyLink module.

SkyLink wirelessly joins the mobile SkyWall Patrol launcher with the rest of the technology in the system. Detection data can be sent directly to the launcher and the operator can then be directed to find the threat in the sky. SkyLink returns information to the C2, such as the location of the SkyWall launcher and it’s status.

Neil Armstrong, Director and Founder of OpenWorks commented, “OpenWorks is delighted to be a part of the ALADDIN project. SkyWall Patrol together with SkyLink will allow detection and tracking of a drone, to end with a known outcome – capturing the drone in a net. We are very much looking forward to building on our existing relationships with CS Systems and are excited to show what SkyWall has to offer when integrated”.

SkyWall Patrol gives a mobile operator the ability to physically capture a drone in a net, used in conjunction with electronic countermeasures for a layered defence, or in environments where electronic attack cannot be deployed. The system can be networked through command and control systems to enhanced situational awareness and gives a tactical advantage to mission commanders.

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