IDEF 2021: Katmerciler from Turkey launches its new Eren 4×4 armored tactical vehicle

IDEF 2021: Katmerciler from Turkey launches its new Eren 4×4 armored tactical vehicle

Turkish company Katmerciler launches its new EREN 4×4 tactical armored vehicle at IDEF 2021, defense exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 1985, Katmerciler is a developer of wheeled armored vehicles with production facilities in Ankara and Izmir.

With its 250 hp. diesel engine, a low profile, narrow and short body and a short turning circle, EREN has a structure providing high maneuverability and performance in urban areas. The vehicle can accommodate up to 5 military personnel, with the option to expand up to 7.

Possessing high ballistic protection, despite its light monocoque body structure the vehicle provides superior protection against mines and IEDs with the armor technology it employs.

While having high acceleration and high top speed, the vehicle provides superior terrain performance with characteristics like a 4×4 drive system and a fully independent helical spring suspension system. Equipped with a strong engine, fully automatic transmission, two-speed transfer box with low and high-speed rates and driveshafts with differential lock system, the vehicle provides the user with comfort and ease-of-use in urban use as well as off-road conditions.

The remote-controlled, stabilized weapons system allows the vehicle to shoot at moving targets while the vehicle is on the move, and the vehicle also possesses an automated target tracking system. Night and day vision, ballistic calculation, laser range finder and computer-assisted firing control system, ammo consumption warning, manual operation option if needed, driving wheel with adjustable height and angle, and flat-proof tires are some of the equipment available for the EREN vehicle.

Designed to be used in hot and cold climate conditions (according to NATO standards), the vehicle is also available with optional systems like 360-degree situational awareness system, rescue winch, fog mortar and automated fire suppression system.

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