Rheinmetall unveils secret new military combat vehicle

Rheinmetall unveils secret new military combat vehicle

Germany’s largest weapons manufacturer has unveiled the Lynx Combat Support Vehicle (CSV) at an event at the organization’s Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) in Redbank, Australia.

901a3370 0328 4fbf 8911 ff81a95e9c26According to Australia’s 7News, Rheinmetall has taken the wraps off one of the vehicles it’s proposing as a replacement for the Australian Army’s aging fleet of armoured personal carriers.

As 7News reported, Lynx CSV development was kept secret until now and it is one of the most “sophisticated” military machines to be built in Australia.

“The Lynx CSV was designed by Australian engineers and manufactured at MILVEHCOE using Australian steel and our industry network of more than 100 partners,“ said Gary Stewart, Rheinmetall Managing Director.

“It is uniquely Australian as a ‘work horse’ vehicle, even taking on the distinct function of a ute,” he added.

The Australia Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) has also seen fit to bestow the Made in Australia endorsement upon Rheinmetall and the Lynx Combat Support Vehicle, making it the only truly Australian designed and manufactured Combat Support Vehicle.

Mr. Stewart said the Lynx CSV provided significant flexibility in how soldiers operate in the field, the type of equipment they can carry and the combat support roles they can perform.

“The Lynx CSV is a game-changer for armies and would enable soldiers to complete a range of missions while fully protected. With the CSV, soldiers can perform recovery, repair, maneuver support and support logistics using a vehicle with similarities to the existing Lynx IFV.”

The commonality between the Lynx CSV and Lynx IFV provides efficiencies and ease of use for armed forces around the world. Together, the two variants expand the Lynx family of vehicles and provide options for up to ten variants thanks to Lynx’s modular design.

Mr. Stewart said the Lynx CSV featured additional onboard fuel capacity to support refuelling other vehicles in the field; a roof top mounted crane capable of lifting more than five tonnes, allowing it to pull other vehicles utilising the crane, interchangeable power pack; and excavation attachments including a clam shell bucket and rock breaker.

The modular remote weapon station can be configured with a range of weapons and ammunition from 7.62mm, 12.7mm up to 40mm grenade.

“The Lynx CSV will be positioned for export from Australia to allied armed forces,” Mr. Stewart said.

Rheinmetall invested in Queensland to establish the Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) to deliver capability to the Australian Army. Today more than 450 team members are onsite to manufacture BOXER Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles and perform final integration of logistics trucks.

More than 100 Australian organizations support Rheinmetall local operations as part of the Australian industry network, employing thousands of Australians who are growing a sovereign military vehicle industry with major export programs underway.

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