Plasan from Israel offers latest generation of 4×4 light protected vehicles for Latin-American market

Plasan from Israel offers latest generation of 4×4 light protected vehicles for Latin-American market

Israeli Company Plasan proposes its new range of light tactical and armored vehicles for Latin-America military and security markets at ExpoDefensa 2021, International Defense and Security Exhibition in Bogota, Colombia.

The Israeli company Plasan has already delivered SandCat vehicles in Colombia which are in service with the Police and the Army. After an agreement signed in December 2012, between the Colombian Ministries of Defense and Transportation, the Colombia Army and the National Police receive in March 2015, 13 SandCat light protected multi-role vehicles, which were designed to protect roads and infrastructure critical points of the country.

Plasan from Israel offers latest generation of 4x4 light protected for Latin American market 925 002Today, Plasan would like to market the latest generation of SandCat 4×4 light tactical vehicles as well as its new StormRider 4×4 light armored vehicle.

The Sandcat is a family of 4×4 light tactical protected vehicles that can be tailored according to mission requirements or to the customers’ needs. The Sandcat is a multi-mission wheeled combat vehicle that can be easily configured as APC (Armored Personnel Carrier), ambulance, anti-tank vehicle, mortar carrier, and more.

The Sandcat can be fitted with an armor package to provide ballistic protection up to Level 3 STANAG 4569. Lightweight composite materials and unique cabin designs ensure added protection which does not come at the expense of added vehicle weight or reduced performance.

With the ability to carry up to 10 troops and their equipment, SandCat’s powerful 6.7 diesel engine, high ground clearance and small turning radius enables military and security forces to fulfill their mission and return to base safely using a vehicle offering high mobility and protection.

At the beginning of November 2021, Plasan has launched its new StormRider 4×4 light armored vehicle, an evolution, of the Plasan’s SandCat 4×4 light tactical protected vehicle. The StormRider shares the same powerful, durable, and reliable powertrain as the SandCat, but the StormRider is equipped with a full-time four-wheel-drive transfer-case and heavy-duty independent suspension into an all-new Monocoque Kitted-Hull.

The StormRider is larger and more spacious than the SandCat Mk-IV and SandCat M-LPV variants, able to accommodate up to 10 military personnel. The vehicle offers a high level of ballistic protection up to Level III against the firing of small arms 7.62×51mm AP (Armor Piercing) and Level 2a/2b for the mine protection, 6 kg of TNT explosion under the wheels and the body of the vehicle.

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