Ukraine modernises T-64BVK

Ukraine modernises T-64BVK

Kharkiv Armoured Plant has developed an upgrade package for Ukraine’s T-64BVK, a command variant of the T-64 main battle tank (MBT), which has successfully completed an initial round of tests, state-owned conglomerate Ukroboronprom (UOP) announced on its website on 30 November.

2270ccfd 6eae 4b9e 9548 8a07da59e9aaKharkiv Armoured Plant director Herman Smetanin said the upgrade “is necessary not only to significantly improve the existing technical characteristics [of the vehicle], but also to create all the appropriate conditions for effective control over a [tank] unit”.

The T-64BVK has received a thermal imager, a satellite navigation system, and new optics for the commander providing a detection range of 2,000 m. The vehicle has also received a new radio system, intercom, and driver’s rear-view camera under the upgrade.

The commander’s cupola is fitted with a protected mount for an NSV 12.7×108 mm heavy machine gun, UOP said. Additional improvements include a new fuel filter, enhanced protection for the fuel tanks, and composite rubber-metal screens added to the sides of the tank.

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