Malaysian Defense to launch tender for procurement of 400 6×6 armored personnel carriers

Malaysian Defense to launch tender for procurement of 400 6×6 armored personnel carriers

In a tweet posted on December 28, 2021, Ciro Nappi reports that IVECO Defence will participate with the VBTP-MSR Guarani in the forthcoming Malaysian tender for the procurement of 400 6×6 armored vehicles to replace the older UR425 Condor and AFSV90.

The other contenders may be K806 WAV,PT Pindad with its Anoa 2, General Dynamics Land Systems with the LAV II, and FNSS with its Pars.

The VBTP-MR Guarani (Portuguese: Viatura Blindada Transporte de Pessoal – Média de Rodas; Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicle – Medium Wheeled Type”) is a 6×6 armored personnel carrier developed by Iveco and the Brazilian Army as part of its Urutu-III modernization program aimed to replace all EE-11 Urutu by 2015. The 8×8 version of the VBTP-MR is the base of Iveco’s Superav amphibious armored personnel carrier. In the program, other Brazilian Companies also participated, such as IMBEL (Communications), ELBIT (Armaments), Usiminas and Villares [pt] (development of national ballistic structural steel).

The K806/808 armored personnel carrier is a family of 6×6 and 8×8 armored vehicles. Developed by the South Korean company Hyundai Rotem as a private venture in 2012, the Korean Army declared a plan to acquire 600 6×6 and 8×8 wheeled APCs in order to help build rapid response forces molded after the U.S. Stryker combat brigades, according to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA). Hyundai Rotem, a (subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group), made the K808/806 in competition with the Doosan Black Fox and Samsung Techwin MPV, and eventually won the competition.

The Anoa is a 6×6 armored personnel carrier developed by PT Pindad of Indonesia. The vehicle is named after the Anoa, which is a type of buffalo indigenous to Indonesia. The prototype was first unveiled at the 61st anniversary of TNI on October 5, 2006, in TNI HQ at Cilangkap, east of capital Jakarta. The design of the Anoa has been licensed from that of the French VAB, which is also in service with Indonesia.

The LAV III, originally named the Kodiak by the Canadian Army, is the third generation of the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) family of infantry fighting vehicles built by General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada (GDLS-C), a London, Ontario, based subsidiary of General Dynamics that first entered service in 1999. It was developed in Canada from the LAV II family and is the primary mechanized infantry vehicle of both the Canadian Army and the New Zealand Army. It also forms the basis of the Stryker vehicle used by the US Army and other operators.

The Pars (Turkish for Anatolian Leopard) is an amphibious Armoured combat vehicle family with 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 versions, produced by FNSS Defence Systems of Turkey. The development of the PARS vehicles started in 2002, based on a design by US company GPV (General Purpose Vehicles), and in cooperation with GPV. PARS 8×8 was first displayed in February 2005 during the IDEX defense exhibition held in Abu Dhabi.

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