UMEX 2022: Firm ISRUT unveils ISR-LD1 Loitering drone

UMEX 2022: Firm ISRUT unveils ISR-LD1 Loitering drone

The UK company ISR Unmanned Technologies unveiled at the occasion of UMEX 2022, which takes place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the new ISR-LD1 Loitering drone.

1719e232 5134 4765 9581 273dfcb8be5eThe new ISR-LD1 Loitering drone has been designed to gather relevant information through intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The new ISR-LD1 has a unique design with a rugged airframe. There is no wasting time in the assembling process because its design allows the drone to be in its flying mode and ready for action at all times.

The new ISR-LD1 has been manufactured with high-end components. It has included all the security features to make its use safe: an encrypted control system, a mini-Lidar for avoidance and an optical longwave IR camera.

The new ISR-LD1 has a flight time expected up to 15 minutes fully loaded or up to 30 minutes for extended ISR missions. Take-off and landing are fully automatic.

The Loitering munition has a 1 kg payload capacity, it can fly with full payload for 15 minutes, and 30 minutes with backup batteries. A control range of 10 km and it is easy to transport and store.

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