Our AI powered products and solutions create a single autonomous operating picture

by Zaur Babashov | Thursday, Aug 25, 2022 | 341 views

Synapline is a tech startup company based in Baku and together with VITTA Scientific Technical Company (acting as a primary investor), we are on a mission to enhance capabilities of mission commanders and UAV operators in Government agencies and Defense with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered autonomous unmanned solutions to drive better decisions and act with certainty in complex and dynamic environments. For mission commanders and UAV operators who want to make quick real-time decisions during tactical and strategic missions while operating and managing unmanned ISR operations in GPS-denied environments, we are launching Synap OS operating system. It is an AI-powered software suite that brings together real-time decision support, autonomous visual navigation and advanced mission control capabilities. On top of that, we offer fully integrated autonomous medium-range VTOL unmanned aerial systems (UAS) powered by Synap OS.

Unlike other solutions in the ISR market, our AI powered unmanned solutions offer a unique combination of intelligence, autonomy, customizability, modularity, extensibility, affordability, and security. These features enable users to safely operate in GPS denied environments. Additionally, they can automatically integrate actionable ISR mission data from third party multi-purpose aerial vehicles and systems (like EO/IR camera payloads) from our wide range of partners into a single autonomous operating picture.

At the ADEX 2022 exhibition we would be glad to talk to mission commanders, UAV operators, UAV manufacturers, Engineers and other professionals from the Industry, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Defense Industry, Air Force, State Security Services and other government agencies. We are confident that our products will attract their attention and be useful in their daily activities.

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