Qatar unveils Skynex air defence

Qatar unveils Skynex air defence

The Qatar Emiri Air Defence Forces (QEADF) now has the Rheinmetall Skynex short-range air-defence system, the Qatari Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed on 13 October when it released a video showing components associated with the system during an exercise.

These included eight 35 mm Revolver Gun Mk3s and a single X-TAR3D target acquisition and tracking radar.

3b63d8a9 d714 4e1c 8033 c6b7f219b01dWhile these components can be used as part of Skyguard or Skyshield systems, the Qatari MoD said the exercise was called ‘Shield 6 (Skynex)’ and resulted in an unspecified number of rotary and fixed-wing targets being shot down in record time at the Al-Qalayel range.

When it launched Skynex in 2016, Rheinmetall described it as an open, modular architecture that enables a wide range of sensors and effectors to be linked to form a “highly effective, largely automated system of systems” that can also interface with higher-echelon units. The Skymaster battle management system is the core component and can be linked via a tactical communications network to up to three X-TAR3D radars and 12 guns.

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