Mystery buyer orders Israeli-made artillery systems

Mystery buyer orders Israeli-made artillery systems

Israeli defense electronics company Elbit Systems said Tuesday that it is selling its ATMOS (Autonomous Truck Mounted Howitzer System) artillery systems to a mystery customer.

ATMOSAs noted by the company, it was awarded a contract worth approximately $102 million to supply artillery systems to an international customer. The contract will be performed over a period of eight years.

Under the contract, Elbit Systems will supply a battalion’s worth of ATMOS (Autonomous Truck Mounted Howitzer) 155mm/52 caliber truck-mounted howitzers systems.

The ATMOS modular artillery system is a combat-proven wheeled Howitzer solution, capable of firing all NATO-certified 155mm projectiles with an effective range of over 40km with standard projectiles and offers an extended range with Rocket-Assisted Projectiles (RAP). The ATMOS is designed for rapid deployment and operation, enabling provision of fire support for a broad range of missions.

“Elbit Systems comprehensive integrated artillery solutions provide a valuable competitive edge to the ground forces of our customers around the world. This contract is a vote of confidence in the advanced indirect fire solutions we provide,” Yehuda (Udi) Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land said.

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