Zetor makes its armored vehicle more lethal

Zetor makes its armored vehicle more lethal

Zetor machinery manufacturer has decided to outfit its new Gerlach 4×4 armored tactical vehicle with Norwegian-made remote weapon station.

1683096317948The Zetor Gerlach 4×4 is a new concept armored tactical vehicle which reflects the new combat and safety factors resulting from new/current skills and experience from the combat deployments of the 21st century.

The company has fitted its armored tactical with an in-service Kongsberg’s PROTECTOR remote weapon station.

Novegian-based Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has been collaborating with Zetor on the integration of the PROTECTOR RS4 since 2020, as well as to enhance the defense and security of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

According to a press release from Kongsberg, the Gerlach vehicle, equipped with a new remote weapon station, was successfully demonstrated at a live firing range in Norway earlier this month.

At the demonstration, the integration teams from Zetor and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace were joined by guests from the Czech Armed Forces and the Technical Military Institute of the Czech Republic.

Since 2010, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has been a supplier to the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic with the PROTECTOR RS4 on Iveco Light Multirole Vehicle.

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