ROKETSAN’s METE laser-guided mini missile successfully integrated into Turkish GÖKALP drone

ROKETSAN’s METE laser-guided mini missile successfully integrated into Turkish GÖKALP drone

ROKETSAN, a major Turkish defense company, has made significant strides with their METE, a laser-guided mini-missile concept, as it was successfully integrated with the GÖKALP Drone system developed by the PAVO Group. The GÖKALP, which is currently in its testing phase, is now ready for mass production.GokAlp Infografik min 2048x2048 1

The METE missile, designed for use with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), has completed successful test firings following its integration with the GÖKALP drone system developed by InterData, an affiliate of the PAVO Group.

The GÖKALP system distinguishes itself with its payload capacity and its unique ability to maintain stability, unaffected by firing. This platform is the first to use the METE, ROKETSAN’s smallest guided ammunition. Specifically engineered for precision operations in urban areas, the GÖKALP drone system, with the METE missile integration, is poised to become a formidable factor on the battlefield.

Recently, ROKETSAN shared a video publicly demonstrating a successful launch of the METE missile from the GÖKALP drone. The video revealed that GÖKALP maintained stability during the firing. Designed to operate under challenging conditions, GÖKALP can carry an 8 kg payload and undertake a mission lasting up to 20 minutes.

The METE, a Laser-Guided Mini Missile System developed by ROKETSAN, can be launched using next-generation 40-millimeter grenade launchers and presents a significant advancement over the existing range of conventional grenade launcher ammunition. This system has been implemented to enhance the effectiveness of security forces in urban warfare environments, countering threats such as snipers, mass targets, and reinforcement forces.

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