Turkish company develops robotic fighting vehicle

Turkish company develops robotic fighting vehicle

Turkish armored vehicle manufacturer Otokar unveiled its new combat unmanned ground vehicle, called the Alpar.

The Alpar is a heavy-class, tracked, unmanned infantry fighting vehicle intended to meet the multi-mission requirements of the armed forces worldwide.

ALPAR 1Otokar developed the new robotic vehicle as an unmanned platform that can perform missions together with manned and unmanned vehicles on the battlefield. With a maximum loaded weight of 15 tons, the unmanned ground vehicle aims to find solutions to the following issues with its autonomous systems and artificial intelligence systems.

The combat unmanned ground vehicle was armed with a multi-role turret system. The weapon system can be fitted with a range of medium-caliber guns and is compatible with anti-tank missiles.

Alpar stands out with its low thermal signature, its ability to be carried on a helicopter or light transport aircraft, and its rapidly replaceable battery modules.

General Manager Görgüç said the following about the vehicle, which has a modular design suitable for missions such as advanced reconnaissance and surveillance, as well as different missions such as fire support vehicle, logistic support vehicle, air defense vehicle and anti-tank vehicle: “As Otokar, we are proud to offer an innovative solution for the Turkish defense industry by following technological innovations with Alpar.”

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