Dominican Republic armed forces receive 20 URO Vamtac ST5 armored vehicles

Dominican Republic armed forces receive 20 URO Vamtac ST5 armored vehicles

According to a tweet by the Presidency of the Dominican Republic posted on September 14, 2023, the country’s Armed Forces received 20 URO Vamtac ST5 armored vehicles from the Spanish company Urovesa. These vehicles are equipped with vehicle telemetry technology, satellite connectivity, and high-definition real-time cameras.

c6bad709 1bf3 4fd3 8e3d 958ecb463608The handover ceremony took place at the 16 de Agosto Military Camp on September 14, which serves as the headquarters of the Army General Command. President Luis Abinader Corona attended the event, along with senior military and civilian officials. Previously, it was stated that the initial acquisition, announced in October 2022, included 21 Vamtac ST5 vehicles and four URO riot control trucks. This suggests that the initial order for armored vehicles was expanded to include an additional five units.

The first four Vamtac vehicles were received in February, and in May, the Dominican Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General (Army) Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, visited Urovesa’s facilities in Santiago de Compostela.

The Vamtac ST5 acquired by the Dominican Army features advanced vehicle telemetry technology, enabling mobile satellite connectivity during patrols, high-definition real-time cameras, simultaneous emergency communication, high-speed mobile internet access in remote areas for troops, and real-time computerized engine diagnostics for monitoring drivers and the mechanical condition of each unit.

Developed by the Spanish company UROVESA, the Vamtac (Vehículo de Alta Movilidad Táctico) is used by various armed forces worldwide, including the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Romania, and Venezuela. It has also served with the Spanish Army in regions like Afghanistan, Congo, and Lebanon.

The Vamtac’s modular design allows for various configurations, including pick-up, command/control, and chassis-cabin. These variants can have two or four doors, and the chassis-cab version can adapt for mounting different types of shelters or cargo compartments. Additionally, the Vamtac can be customized as an ambulance, an anti-tank vehicle armed with TOW or MILAN anti-tank guided missiles, or an anti-aircraft vehicle equipped with Mistral surface-to-air missiles.

The URO Vamtac offers a range of armament options, making it suitable for diverse combat scenarios. It can be armed with various weapons, such as machine guns, grenade launchers, anti-tank guided missiles, mortars, recoilless rifles, or air defense missile systems. The Vamtac is also transportable by C-130 transport aircraft and can be carried as an external load underneath the CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

In terms of protection, the armored variant of the Vamtac includes a body constructed entirely from ballistic materials, roof-suspended seats, and reinforced suspension. Approximately 25% of Spanish Army Vamtacs have been equipped with add-on armor kits to enhance ballistic protection.

The URO Vamtac is powered by a Steyr turbocharged six-cylinder diesel engine delivering a maximum output of 188 horsepower. Coupled with an Allison AT-542 4-speed automatic gearbox, it achieves a top speed of 135 km/h and boasts a range of over 600 kilometers with its 110-liter fuel tank. This powertrain ensures solid performance in various terrains and weather conditions.

With full-time four-wheel drive, differential lock controls on both front and rear axles, and independent suspension on each wheel, the Vamtac can navigate slopes of up to 70% and ford water up to 750mm (1,500mm with special preparation).

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