US Army plans to receive 3,000 AMPVs to replace its fleet of M113 armored vehicles

US Army plans to receive 3,000 AMPVs to replace its fleet of M113 armored vehicles

The U.S. Army has officially awarded BAE Systems of York, Pennsylvania, a full-rate production contract for the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV). The initial vehicle order is valued at $797 million, with potential additional options that could bring the total contract amount to $1.6 billion. This significant investment underscores the Army’s commitment to modernizing its fleet, with plans to incorporate nearly 3,000 AMPVs worldwide over the next 20 years.

ad219107 9ca9 4f8d 93a3 95130941e416The AMPV (Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle), a state-of-the-art tracked armored vehicle, is set to replace the aging M113 family of vehicles, which currently makes up about 30% of the tracked vehicles in the Armored Brigade Combat Teams (ABCTs). This move comes as a response to the M113’s known limitations in areas such as survivability, mobility, and adaptability to future technologies.

Notably, the AMPV shares a common powertrain and suspension with the M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle and the M109A7 Paladin self-propelled howitzer. This compatibility is expected to streamline logistics and maintenance for the ABCTs.

The 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, has the distinction of being the first brigade to transition from M113s to AMPVs. Having completed their training on the new platform, the unit received over 130 AMPVs this past July.

The Army’s approach to the AMPV is multi-phased, encompassing development, production, and fielding. To date, the Army has taken delivery of over 276 vehicles, with a total of approximately 450 vehicles expected by the end of 2024. The commencement of full-rate production vehicle deliveries is slated for the beginning of 2025.

The AMPV family boasts a range of variants tailored to specific battlefield roles:

– Mission Command (MC): A mobile command post for frontline leadership.
– Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV): Equipped for immediate medical response and casualty evacuation.
– Medical Treatment Vehicle (MTV): A mobile medical aid station for more extensive care.
– General Purpose (GP): A versatile vehicle for troop and equipment transport.
– Mortar Carrier (MC): Armed with a mounted mortar system for indirect fire support.

The design of the AMPV prioritizes protection, mobility, and versatility. It offers significant upgrades in protection against threats like IEDs, mines, and ballistic attacks compared to the M113. Additionally, its modern communication and surveillance systems position the AMPV as a pivotal component in the U.S. Army’s future operations.

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